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In November 2020, LOCS ARTIST LLC was established. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been given a chance to awaken my creative self and finally become who I’m destined to be—an artist.

At the early age of 10, the passion for art had been engraved in me. I was highly influenced by my brother due to his ability to draw and create masterpieces. With his advice, I have been honing my God-given talent every day. Through the years, I had been drawing on and off, searching for my purpose in this universe. I would make little drawing pieces, but I had never fully taken advantage of the creativity I have.

The pandemic has helped me connect with my inner being, and through prayers, I got to receive answers to the questions I’ve been asking. “Use what you have,” said my Creator’s voice. Since then, I became certain of what I needed to do and began pursuing my passion and sharing it with the world. 


Shop for my artworks here at LOCS ARTIST LLC. Add personality to your space and make it look more aesthetically pleasing through my artworks today. Place an order now!

Additionally, I do commission works. Contact me in Memphis, Tennessee and let me paint your idea to life.


I aim to create original and authentic artworks that will provide inspiration and enjoyment to the world. Moreover, I want to open people’s eyes to the vibrant and calming colors of paintings.

[All artwork is owned by limited liability company, Brandi Robinson (LOCS ARTIST LLC). The images, artwork, and content of this website may not be copied, collected, or used for personal or professional gain without the written permission from Brandi Robinson (LOCS ARTIST LLC). All images of artwork, sold, or otherwise, are retained by Brandi Robinson (LOCS ARTIST LLC).]

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